Isaiah (Hebrew ‘salvation of the Lord’) he was from the royal house of the kings of Judah. He foretold the coming of Christ, the mysteries of our redemption, the calling of the Gentiles and the establishment of a people. Little is known about the last days of this great religious leader. it is said that he was martyred by his son-in-law, King Manasses, by being sawed in half we see him holding a saw (top of the window)

Jeremiah (Hebrew; “exalted of the Lord”) It is probable the he belonged to the priestly family of Abiathar. He also foretold the coming of Christ and admonished his people time and time again to turn from idolatry and their evil ways. He prophesied th perils and destruction of his people and Jerusalem. he was a severe critic of his government. He was forced into Egyptian exile and there, according to an old tradition hew as murdered by his own countrymen. It is told the the as stoned to death. We see him holding a stone. (Upper middle of window)

Ezekiel (Hebrew; “God Hardens”) He was of a priestly group and among the people who were taken captives and brought to Babylon. He foretold the coming of Christ and the restoration of Jerusalem. He told his people to repent and of ht promos of salvation in a new covenant. In the scene, he is holding a closed gate symbolic of the closing of the old Covenant and the destruction of Jerusalem so the Christ could being the new and everlasting covenant and open the door to the new and heavenly Jerusalem. By such teachings he helped prepare for the New Testament doctrine of salvation through grace. (Lower middle window)

Daniel (Hebrew: “the Lord is Judge”) His wisdom was great and he came into the king’s favor for interpreting dreams and signs. His enemies made a law forbidding prayer, but he disregarded this and was thrown into the lions den. He emerged unharmed. We see him with a lion. He also foretold that the Kingdom of god will ultimately triumph. (bottom window)