Remember in your prayers the mission work of Father Shinto Abraham of the Diocese of Satna who spoke to us in July on the dignity of the human person.

Diocese of Satna.
Mission Diocese of Satna is entrusted with the mission of evangelizing
seven districts in the State of Madhya Pradesh in the Northern part
of India. Even though the population of Satna is over ten million, only
3000 belong to the Catholic faith. Majority of the population belongs to
the Hindu religion. We extend our support to everyone irrespective of
their religious beliefs.
In the Diocese of Satna there are 37 schools, 6 dispensaries, 1 Hospital, 1
Orphanage, 2 Homes for the mentally challenged and one Home for
the physically challenged children and one home for the street girls.
There are some formation centers for the future missionaries. Together
with this we are working for the amelioration of women through different
programs. We are also giving AIDS awareness programs.
In the multi-religious and fundamentalist context of Madhya Pradesh
direct evangelization is a difficult task. The diocese of Satna has taken
up the mission of evangelization in the midst of challenging situations.
The Church involves herself more in the educational and charitable
activities to witness Christ than on direct evangelization since there is
political and religious pressure. But we are always attentive to provide
adequate pastoral care to our catholic faithful.
With the help of formal and non-formal schools we provide education
to the people so that they become liberated from the clutches of the
evil effects of the caste system, superstitions, untouchability etc.
Through the non-formal education the poor and the marginalized children
are brought into the world of letters and to the main stream of the
In view of evangelization we are conducting retreats, family renewal
programs, small Christian Community gatherings, ecumenical meetings,
inter-religious meetings, prison ministry, training for Nursing Assistance,
education centers for school drop-out children, job oriented
training for children, assistance in farming and development of land for
cultivation for the poor villagers.
Health Care Centers such as hospitals and dispensaries run by the
Diocese help the poor people in the remote areas. Infant mortality and
malnutrition are very high in this State of Madhya Pradesh due to lack
of medical care. The diocese is initiating program to address these
Being a mission Diocese, we are in great need of financial support to
do our further missionary activities and humanitarian support for the
poor and the needy. Kindly make some generous contributions for the
Mission Diocese of Satna. We are grateful to you for helping us by
your generous contributions. Your prayers and support help us to
continue with our missionary activities. Thank you for your participation
in the mission of the universal Catholic Church.